Personal Data Protection and Privacy Policy

Personal Data Protection and Privacy Policy


Protection of Personal Data and Data Security is an issue that “Ert Life Mimarlık ve Tasarımşti” (Ert Life Tiny House) attaches importance to, and in this context, Ert Life Tiny House protects the protection of “Users” and other persons. personal data, T.R. It protects it carefully within the framework of the Constitution, Turkish Civil Code, International Conventions, Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698, Relevant Regulations, Communiqués and Institutional Decisions and Guidelines.

This Personal Data Protection and Privacy Policy (Policy) shows the principles of this protection.

Within the scope of this policy, Ert Life Tiny House processes personal data in accordance with Article 5 of Law No. 6698;

Complying with the law and the rules of honesty,
Being accurate and up to date when necessary,
Processing for specific, clear and legitimate purposes,
Being related to the purpose for which they are processed, being limited and proportionate,
To be kept for the period stipulated in the relevant legislation or necessary for the purpose for which they are processed.

It collects and processes within the framework of its principles.

Scope and Purpose

This policy will be applied to natural persons whose personal data ERT LIFE TINY HOUSE processes within the scope of the “Site” ( ) by fully or partially automatic or non-automatic means provided that it is part of any data recording system. .

This policy constitutes the basis and basis of the personal data protection processes in all business and transactions of ERT LIFE TINY HOUSE and the provisions regarding the protection of personal data contained in other agreements, policies, procedures and texts available on the Site.

This policy applies to the personal data processed by Ert Life Tiny House within the scope of the Site and in other ways, T.R. It regulates the policies, procedures and purposes regarding processing within the scope of the Constitution, Turkish Civil Code, Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698, relevant regulations and secondary regulations.

This policy covers personal data,

Collection and methods,
Which groups of people’s personal data are processed,
Which categories of data are processed regarding these groups of people,
Processing processes and purposes for which it is used,
Necessary data security measures to ensure its security,
Storage periods,
Access methods regarding the status and fate of relevant persons and data,
Cookie usage and methods

It covers.


User: ERT LIFE TINY HOUSE Real and legal persons who use the Site “without being a member” but as “pre-registration”.

Other Person: Real and legal persons who use the Site within the scope of ERT LIFE TINY HOUSE Services without being a member and without pre-registration.

Cookies: Small files that are saved on Users’ computers on the Site and help store preferences and other information on the web pages they visit.

Registration: It is the process of becoming a member of the Site with a username and password in order to benefit from ERT LIFE TINY HOUSE Services.

Communication: It is the activity of communicating with ERT LIFE TINY HOUSE via the Site, e-mail, WhatsApp and other channels.

Comment: It is the activity of leaving comments on the Site within the scope of the ERT LIFE TINY HOUSE Site.

Processing of Personal Data:

Obtaining or recording: Processing of personal data begins as soon as it is first obtained.
Storage/preservation: Storing, hosting or storing personal data in digital or physical media is considered within the scope of processing.
Change / Rearrangement: Changing or rearranging personal data using various methods is also considered processing.
Transfer / Acquisition: Transmission of personal data through various methods is also within the scope of processing activity.

Anonymization: Making personal data impossible to associate with an identified or identifiable natural person in any way, even if it is matched with other data.

Delete: Delete; It is the process of making personal data inaccessible and unusable for the relevant users in any way.

Destroy: Do not destroy; It is the process of making personal data inaccessible, irretrievable and reusable by anyone.

Relevant Person: The real person whose personal data is processed.

Transfer of Personal Data: Transfer of personal data held by data controllers.

Data Controller and Application

ERT LIFE TINY HOUSE Data Controller, “0 (850) 850 74 84” telephone, Rüstem Mh. Karlı Sk. It has the address No:18/A Urla /İzmir and “Ert Life Mimarlık ve Tasarımşti”.

Relevant persons may apply to the data controller in accordance with KVKK Article 11; To find out whether personal data about them has been processed or not, to request them if they have been processed, to correct them if the content of the data is incomplete or incorrect, to delete or destroy them if they are unlawful, and to notify third parties to whom the data has been disclosed of the actions to be taken accordingly, and to ensure that they are notified of any damages due to unlawful processing of the data. gi