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WHY ERT LIFE Tiny House?

Just a few of the dozens of reasons why you should choose Tiny House...

Tiny House offers you the Freedom you need the most. Anywhere you want, anytime you want, in any season…

Become a Tiny House owner right away with our “Economical Solutions,” limit your expenses, never limit your dreams…

Use “Natural Energy” resources, both you and our endangered nature win.

The “Vacation of Your Dreams” is waiting for you! Just get in your car and fulfill your dreams without the hassle of vacation rush…

What is a Tiny House?

A Tiny House, generally ranging from 10 square meters to 30 square meters, is the name given to homes designed either on wheels or fixed structures. More than just a house, it is considered a lifestyle. These small houses, which gain attention worldwide for creating a small yet more functional living space, can be built in different sizes and shapes.

They are highly preferred by people who seek to live a modest life away from the hustle and noise of the city. There are many reasons to choose a Tiny House. The foremost reason is to live a minimalist lifestyle freely. Moreover, you have the freedom to do so anytime and anywhere…


WHY ERT LIFE Tiny House?

Living in a Tiny House was the right decision. Our other right decision was choosing Ert Life. Its quality, comfort, usability, design support, and most importantly, its economic aspect. Their after-sales support also pleased us a lot. Thank you...

Aylin - Hasan SOLAK

I did a lot of research before buying a Tiny House. Besides its quality, after-sales support, spare parts supply, and the possibility of service are also very important. I found all of this at Ert Life. Thank you very much for their support.

Korhan SALGI

I was skeptical about the authenticity of the comments, but when I visited Ert Life, I even thought that the comments were understated. The economic aspect of the product, its quality, after-sales support, and the team's expertise in the field made me very happy. Thank you.

Sevda - Kenan BAHÇE

We chose Ert Life Tiny House based on our friend's recommendation. We trusted our friend and we were right to do so. They conveyed the entire process to us in detail, and we had no question marks in our minds. Support is also provided for interior design and materials.


I had concerns about durability. After examining Ert Life's production area and products, I had no doubts. They really offer long-lasting and livable products. We thank the Ert Life team very much.

Cansu - Kenan TUNCA

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